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Poetry On Demand

Offering a variety of workshops, public speaking and educational curriculum for all levels of education, ages, platforms and organization.

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Children and adults alike enthusiastically embrace poetry through SpreadLove poetry workshops. Dissecting both written & oral tradition, Lance G Newman II, instructs his students to read and write poetry with broader understanding of poetical devices.


Exploration of poetical devices such as: wordplay, alliteration, personification, metaphors, satire among many other techniques are used to compose original works.  After participants compose their written poetry they are able to learn memorization and stage presence techniques.


Spoken-word poetry derives from folklore which is the art of storytelling. Not only has humanity’s history been vividly recorded by such method but challenging qualms and also affirmations of hope. Spreadlove is certain that you have a story to share.

Poetry Workshops &

Linguistic Therapy Sessions

Correctional Facilities

Juvenile Detention & Justice Centers

Behavioral/Rehabilitation Centers

Elementary & Post Secondary Institutions

Health Seminars & Fairs

Performing Arts Showcase

Corporate Seminars

Community Outreach

Youth Recreational Centers

Assisted Living Centers

Poetry Showcase/Slam
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